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"Poetry is the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash." Leonard Cohen

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Last time I saw you we both dressed up like our
favourites, remember?
You said I could choose any super hero I wanted
-- even a boy because it was magic so I could
I pick whoever I liked...
I asked you who you thought I should be and you
gave it some pretty intense consideration before
telling me, you'd like it if I was Black Canary

Really? I didn't even know who this was so you
went and got you super hero book - it's practically
an encyclopedia
You wouldn't let me look it up in the index but
carefully searched the book yourself
You knew exactly who you were looking for
and sure enough, there was a woman,
a long-time counter-point to the Green Arrow - my
word - she was born before I was...

I wanted to know why you liked her, figuring you
would tell me it was because she's pretty
(she is)
But no, you explained that she could fight better
than the ninja turtles and could make a noise
that smashed windows, and made ears bleed too
Well, I said, that's who I'll be then...what should
I wear?
You had even figured that out, you wily child...
How about your black pyjamas, you said...
I nearly always wear black sweatpants and
a skinny black t-shirt
Is that what the Black Canary would wear,
I wondered - I was a bit skeptical but we didn't
have much in the way of costumes

You nodded, then said - unless I brought my bathing
suit and some netty stockings...
oh, uh no, I didn't guess so...
I liked that you gave me a towel-cape too though "even though
you won't really be able to fly" - not like you
Who, as usual, were going to be Ironman - what a surprise
But I didn't care that you always picked the same guy
You do, after all, have that very cool costume and,
as you never tire of telling me...he's really such a good
hero,you know - all he wants to do is help out people
Not like Darth Vader, your last love, who you took pity on
for almost two years
After seeing the prequel to Star Wars and saw how he
became the ruined person he was...
So misunderstood, you couldn't stand wore
that costume everywhere and explained in that terrible
voice how he wasn't really a bad guy, he just had had
a bad time once and look what happened...
It could have happened to anyone...there was no
reason for everyone to be so mean.

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