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"Poetry is the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash." Leonard Cohen

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


September is a long ways off,
creating a climate
of fear and intimidation.
This is just a time to take care
of the dogs,
endorse people not taken
into consideration,
people completely marginalized.
We are going into a moment
in the cycle
Create the climate we need
for dialogue...

I don't want to break the law
I'll get some truth, some under-
standing, some realization
It's going to have an impact
It makes my heart very happy.
On the edge, looking for a saviour,
I am prepared to listen and
I am humbled.

Whatever happened to Indians
is real; it's not make-believe,
not a story coming out
of Walt Disney...
They are telling the truth.

I don't see any reason
to run; trouble has been
kind of hijacked of late.
Truth and reconciliation is
not a commission; it's not
a process.
It needs to become
a movement.
It is our new way
of moving
forward together.

There has to be building
bridges, time to fix
Putting Humpty-Dumpty
together again,
healing wounds.
I'm not closing any doors.

Day One - Quote Cento - from Edmonton Journal; Tues.Apr.1.2014;  multiple sections, multiple articles, primarily: "Separating contenders from the pretenders" and "Lessons won't be lost - (Truth and Reconciliation)".


  1. I like the declarative last line that your speaker reaches after outlining the argument.

  2. I also like the last line -- and the third stanza, with its last line on truth, is powerful. The whole piece holds together and works as a whole


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