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Saturday, May 1, 2010

POETIC ASIDES APRIL 2010 CHALLENGE CONTINUES - still getting caught up

From Evening Dresses to Evening in Paris

Depending who you are and where you might be
Evening might describe all manner of time -
In the some parts of the southern U.S, for example
Many think any time between noon and sunset
Qualifies as evening; this apparently is also true
Of parts of Britain ...
Whereas much of the world tends to think of evening
as that period of waning light in late afternoon
when dusk or twilight begins to creep into the
atmosphere, shooing the sun from the sky
as if preparing the landscape for the moon, and
true darkness to descend
Still, no matter where you find yourself
Should you have cause to don evening clothes
Or be wished a “good evening” you will no
Doubt be quite sure of where and what
You are about
For evening speaks of grandeur and gowns,
Black-tie affairs, top hats and tails -
The opera and the ballet – as in, “an evening out”
And when one is bid a “good evening”
There is no confusion about whether they
Are to have a pleasant time, or go home
To bed – as would have been the case had
They instead heard, “good-night” – see, simple?
The synonyms for evening are many: the aforementioned
Dusk and twilight, plus: crepuscule, evenfall, gloam or gloaming,
And, nightfall—to name but a few—all of which appear
To refer to the time of day immediately after sunset
However, there is some dispute as to whether there
Is some light left in evening – it makes sense that there
Would be, else why not call it night straight away and
Be done with it?
Evening – a word with many shades and meanings
And one used metaphorically as well; one in the latter
Part of life is often said to be in the evening of it
Perhaps not such an unpleasant way to end your days

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