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"Poetry is the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash." Leonard Cohen

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WERE I ABLE TO SAY 04.13.10 prompt "love"poems

Were I Able to Say

My dearest, my sweet, love of my life
Were I able to tell you the depth of my heart
The way I feel when you look in my eyes
And I see how you feel there in yours

Were I able to tell you just how much you mean
To this life that I’m trying to lead and that how
Without you I’m nothing and nowhere my love
Without you I’m quite sure I’d be gone ...

If I could gather together all of my feelings
And press them like leaves in a book
Then stack them up neatly and give them to you
They would pile higher than both day and night skies,

You would never be able to see the top of that pile
Were I able to say in an articulate way
Why it is that I cannot live without you
Then I know you would weep with the joy of it

And believe that I mean when I say
That you’re it for me, everything, all there is, my love
And I’ll never move away from your side

For your doubting that, it hurts like an illness
Or poison the doomed have to drink
And while I know well that I deserve it
You don’t love, and it seems most unfair

Were I able to know how to say the right words
To reassure you, and make you know me again
I would do it, I would, please believe that sweet man

I’d give anything to give you back your trust
And let you have faith in me like you used to
I’d give you our old world if I could do that, my love
This day and always, were I able, I would.

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