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"Poetry is the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash." Leonard Cohen

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

POETIC ASIDES APRIL 2010 CHALLENGE CONTINUES - still getting caught up

April 23, 2010 prompt was "exhaustion poem"

Weary to the Roots of My Eyelashes

Can you remember being so tired you thought,
I just can’t lift my foot one more step
Or, my head’s too heavy for my neck, I can’t
Raise it off my chest, I just can’t, I can’t ...
The term, putting one foot in front of the other
Suddenly becomes real and you realize
What other people have been talking about
It’s moving by rote, robotic stuff where
Your feet move of their own volition
And if they didn’t know the way, you would not
Be going anywhere, you are that tired
Fatigue does not do justice to the feeling
Wrapped around you at this instant
Your eyelids are beyond heavy and you are
Hoping there is no real reason for you to open
Them as you struggle to stay awake but don’t
Really see the point – the only wondering you
Are doing might be why you are this tired
But even that gets old, exhaustion is its own
Demon and it chases all else from your countenance
You can’t seem to think of, or care about
Anything beyond the overwhelming weariness
That is consuming your every cell – and all you
Really want to do, is sleep forever, and you do
Mean forever – if you had your way, you would
Never wake.

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