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"Poetry is the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash." Leonard Cohen

Thursday, April 15, 2010

EVERYBODY HAS A DEADLINE 2nd poem for prompt "deadlines" 04.14.10

Everybody has a Deadline

They are at it again, discussing pulling the plug
Turning the breather off – as if they really
Think I cannot hear them; why is that I wonder

I do like the idea of giving my organs away
It would be cool to give a better quality of life
To a bunch of people when I go, I just don’t think

I’m ready to go necessarily; in fact, I do think
There’s a good chance I will wake up, if they
Give me enough time – I can see the monitor

And I know how strong my vitals are – there’s no
Mistaking how strong my heart-beat is, how even my
Breathing is, albeit on a respirator, but still ...

Omigod! They’re doing it! They’re doing it!
I thought my Mom at least would fight them—
She looks so tired though, I guess she’s had it

And Dad—he never wanted me on life-support
From the get-go; thought I was a turnip when
I actually lived with him, so I guess I get that

Geez – okay, okay – so, here goes – the plug
Is out, I have to breathe on my own – c’mon
C’mon – I can do this, I know I can – just take

One deep breath and another and another
Keep watching the monitor; see my heart-beat
Is strong, blipping along like it should be – what?

No! No! They’re calling a code – the blips
Are going all weird and I don’t feel very good
Mom and Dad are holding each other and crying

I can barely see the monitor now—what’s going on?
Oh, oh, I get it—they’re not coding – I mean I’m DNR
I’m flat-lining, dying —going, going —gone—dead line.

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