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"Poetry is the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash." Leonard Cohen

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


S.E.Ingraham writes, has always written, as long as she can remember. Some days - her memory is not that reliable - but on others, she is able to state with certainty that she's been writing for over six decades.

She now pens, mostly poetry, from the 53rd parallel (Edmonton, Alberta) where she and the love of her life share space with two Pugly dogs.

Her poems mainly concern her years as a mental health consumer (blessedly over now but still of concern); social justice activism, and bearing witness, and, as Sylvia Plath once said:"I write because/There is a voice within me/That will not be still." She concurs.

She began writing in elementary school where she was born and raised - Scarborough, Ontario - one block from the famed Scarborough Bluffs - cliffs so magnificent, she dreams of them even now. Is it any wonder they find themselves in different aspects of her writing?

As do the Kawartha Lakes - at least one of them - Belmont Lake - Big Island specifically - the place where she and her family spent many summers during her childhood. A place she thinks of fondly as one where they were all their best selves.

Ingraham has been married almost 47 years, has two grown daughters, and three grandsons. She has become very private about her personal life, but, is happy to speak about the ways in which she has been honing her craft - workshops and online MOOC's - and is thrilled to count such luminaries as Thomas Lux, Robert Pinsky, and Claudia Rankine among those whose lives have touched hers as she continues to pursue excellence in poetry. She counts the time spent with the ModPo gang under Professor Al Filreis out of the University of Pennsylvania, both as a student and now as a CTA, as some of her most remarkable, valuable hours - both for learning about poetry and for learning about life.

She has had some publishing success - both online and in print, in publications among which are: Shot Glass, Red Fez, Pyrokinection, FreeFall Literary Journal, the Poetic Pinup Revue, and numerous Kind of a Hurricane Press anthologies (including two "best of years" Storm Cycles).

Ingraham has enjoyed some awards also, for instance: Table for Three, 2013 First - Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest; Superman's Sheet placed in Free Fall's end of year poetry contest 2013 (published in Winter 2014 issue); several poems were selected to hang in the Hickory, North Carolina Art Gallery beside photos by acclaimed photographer Steve McCurry; and a sidewalk poem here in Edmonton is etched in stone in perpetuity.

(Ingraham's successes are listed elsewhere on this site under "Achievements": scroll to the bottom of the home-page to the links there. A link to a record of educational accomplishments and workshops is there also. These links are updated periodically.)

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    my good N just liege;
    We'll be as fresh as a
    filly from the time we set
    foot in the Great Beyond
    til thousands of years later.
    Wanna join us? Follo us, lil1:
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