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"Poetry is the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash." Leonard Cohen

Friday, September 12, 2014


Thanks to Laura from ModPo's FaceBook fame for the photo...

My big win was the Tom Howard Poetry Contest:

I also was shortlisted in the Free Fall Literary contest with "Superman's Sheet" and while I didn't end up placing, they are kind enough to publish all the poems that make the shortlist, and pay the poets! They are a print publication only though, so that poem won't be available on-line for awhile.

In the honours department, I won a local sidewalk contest that meant my words were "etched in stone" on a sidewalk in the neighbourhood right near where my grandsons live. That delighted both them and me.

I also finally made an Honourable Mention in the Goodreads monthly newsletter contest...

My poems have been published: several times on Pyrokinection -

Shot Glass Journal:

Four of my poems were selected for the Poetic Pinup Revue - two for their February edition and two for May...(plus they asked if they could hold an additional two for a later edition) They put out a wonderful, high quality,glossy magazine...also only in print, but I'm very happy to matched with them.

I was also selected to be matched to work with an artist for August's edition of The Light Ekphrastic...that was a really rewarding experience...I worked with Sharain Mines and our results can be found here...

The publisher who does Pyrokinection, "Kind of a Hurricane Press" - also puts out 4 or 5 anthologies per year, all on different topics, all of which your poems must be selected to be included...and the selection is a blind process. I've been really fortunate with this press and have work in, "Poised in Flight", "Of Sun and Sand", "In Gilded Frame", "Something's Brewing", "Tic Toc" and most recently, "A Touch of Saccharine." They have also kindly chosen my work for their "Storm Cycle - Best of 2012 and 2013" volumes, a real honour.

So, since I plan to be a poet for the rest of my life...I guess things are going fairly well.

I really want to get a book published now but am not sure what to do next so that's something I need to figure out. My husband's retired now and we both like to travel whenever we can, so I'll always have things outside of my regular life to write about - not that I'd ever exhaust topics if I stayed right here.

There might be other things but this feels like enough shameless plugging for now...


  1. Hello SE Ingraham,

    I am so happy to get in touch with you. Hope we can exchange our ideas and our varied poetic sensibilities for a meaningful literary endeavor.

  2. Hello Ingraham,
    The Poem "In The Window I saw" is exceptionally beautiful.
    Can I have permission to render it into Telugu, the second largest spoken language in India? I really liked the poem?


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