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"Poetry is the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash." Leonard Cohen

Monday, April 7, 2014


The nineteenth memorialist,
the theatrical one
with itchy sox
and the sailfish, recessed
her inactive, pointless butcher

Market-price secretin
on the altarpiece
Intended for wash-day?
Outbound presumable
for revivalism, not
the toadstool

On the off-chance
He, in the weskit,
—with a broach—
also theatrical,
slips down the declivity
unable to fay,
his to inactivate
his abacus = exponent
his booking warrants
putrefaction or
a cent for a stiff

You’ll want a dictionary for this one! Select a passage from one of
your newspaper articles. Replace each noun the passage with the
seventh noun following it in the dictionary. A hard-copy dictionary
will make the exercise more varied and fun; however, you can
also use the online N+7 generator to create your text

Source text: Edmonton Journal: Monday April 7.2014, Classified, Article by Peter Foster, "New Book reveals Cold War battle over "Zhivago Affair" (Below is the sentence I used for word sources. I will say that I didn't count proper nouns in my dictionary as part of my "7" count and when I did the poem, I switched up the order. I hope that's in keeping with the challenge. I really didn't understand this one fully and am just going by what others have posted... (Oh good gravy, I just realized I made the challenge ten times harder than it needed to be...I missed the part about replace only the nouns...I replaced every word in the freakin' sentence! No wonder my poem reads like the surrealist's dream/nightmare. Maybe I'll try another. Maybe.)

In a nine-point memo marked, secret but recently declassifed, British intelligence said it was, "in favour of exploiting the book, " warning that Soviet censors were already putting pressure on Pasternak to put out  a "revised" version".

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