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Thursday, December 31, 2009


OH, - SISS, BOOM,BAH - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Not knowing what to term this unfortunate decade just past, the 2000's, the decade reportedly when nothing happened and no-one did anything (a bit of history I take issue with - after all, 9/11 happened which spawned two wars; the largest economic downturn in world history happened; the earth's climate spiralled out of control; there was a tsunami unequalled in recorded history, and a Hurricane - that would be Katrina - that made parts of the U.S. seem a third world country...)I'm sure there were some positive things too - after all, the first black President was elected in the USA, and the Berlin Wall finally crumbled - so, it wasn't a complete wash - but all in all, it was somewhat lack-lustre, I guess. Or maybe, we are just a spoiled planet of malcontents who expect too much these days, looking for a perky catch-phrase to hang our dreams on and then have them come true without any more effort or thought on our part... In any case, they're done and we're on to a new decade as of tomorrow - 2010 - I like the way lots of people say it too, "twenty ten",instead of the more cumbersome "two thousand and ten" - and what should we expect to accomplish this go 'round? How about everything?

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